Grand Hotels of West Volusia County published by Arcadia Publishing is available at this provided link.

Keep checking for when Time Will Tell: The Awakening will be in print. In Time Will Tell: The Awakening, make-believe becomes reality as a group of Civil War reenactors find themselves reliving the real battle they were about to reenact. This is just the beginning. It is an adventure that will span time and gradually reveal a diabolical plot from the future that threatens to unravel events and time as we know them. How it plays out is a story only Time Will Tell

Read the Prologue to become a part of the journey with the characters of Time Will Tell: The Awakening. Ordering information for your own copy of the book will be provided upon publication. In the meantime, request to be added to the mailing list to join other readers following the story through regular notices on the progress of Time Will Tell  and its sequels.

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