October 24, 2019

Revision of the manuscript is completed!

After publishing the illustrated history of 19th Century
hotels, Grand Hotels of West Volusia County, I have
continued to do historical narration for
Great Tasting Tours of DeLand while completing my
history-based fiction adventure novel, Time Will Tell.

Time Will Tell is an eight part journey that takes readers through the turbulent time following the War Between The States. The storyline touches on interactions with several key individuals of the Industrial Age and the possible impact a time traveler could have on the resulting historic events that take place. The entire novel is now ready for marketing to agents from literary agencies and publishers.

Anyone wishing a copy of Grand Hotels of West Volusia County can find copies at The Muse Book Shop in DeLand, Barnes & Noble, Walmart and Target stores, and online at Amazon. Links to some of these sources can be found also on the Bookstore page. Copies of the book are also available during speaking presentations on the book. Dates for these can be found on the Activities & Appearances page of this website. 

You can view a video of me depicting local history from the Film and Video Galleries of River of Lakes Heritage Corridor website featuring Larry French - Reenactor,

There is also an article about the local history I relate on the same website,

Award-winning online reporter Lucy Tobias interviewed me in her article, Living History Reenactors are Time Travelers. You can read the interview at http://www.lucytobias.com/2012/10/30/living-history-reenactors-are-time-travelers

You can also see me and members the 2nd Florida Volunteers Company E, The Hammock Guards, Fifth Company, Florida Battalion, CSA  in  several events on the Images page at, http://www.2ndflorida.com/Home.html

See The Activities and Appearances Page for more news and events concerning me and his books Grand Hotels of West Volusia County and  Time Will Tell.

Contact me at scrivenerlf@cfl.rr.com or 386-801-3711
Copyright 2012 by Larry French Historical Novelist
John Steward and Charlie Cleary's reenacting unit has somehow stepped back in time. Tragically, they find out the enemy is firing real bullets. The group must find a way back home, but in the process they meet Sarah Clarke, a lovely 19th century woman. Together, they will discover how each of their lives, both past and present, have taken a new direction. The trials they face will stretch the bonds of their friendship and love. In the process, what effect will this have on the future? How they fare in the unknown journey ahead and meet its new dangers is a story that only Time Will Tell.
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