Synopsis for Time Will Tell
A Confederate sniper is killed by a mysterious assassin just as he is about to kill General Ulysses S. Grant. Seven days later the historic surrender at Appomattox Courthouse ends the American Civil War. How did history change?
One hundred and fifty years later, missing Civil War re-enactor Charlie Cleary suddenly reappears at night in front of a truck in the middle of a highway. How did he get there?
Hours later, a sheriff is summoned graveside to investigate a plowed-up grave at a local farm. Among the bones and remnants of a Civil War uniform, there is a weathered cell phone. How did this cell phone end up in a grave that is over one hundred and fifty years old?
Read along with Charlie as he finds himself in another place and time faced with constant danger and an unknown future. Join him as he uncovers a forgotten friendship and begin a love story that becomes entangled with a diabolical plot to reshape the course of history. Discover for yourself the adventure that only Time Will Tell.

      Copyright 2012 by Larry French Historical Novelist
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