In the late 1800s men like Jacob Brock and Henry Addison DeLand introduced civilized comforts to the wild interior of West Volusia which resulted in a tourism boom that is still ongoing. Brock built the Brock House hotel and used his steamboats to bring such notables as DeLand and Presidents U.S. Grant and Rutherford B. Hayes there to vacation. The Ponce de Leon Hotel was built around the fabled Fountain of Youth, while the bustling town of DeLand offered several more hotels, like the Putnam, Carrollton, College Arms, and DeLand Hotels. John Batterson Stetson vacationed in DeLand and then built a home, bought a hotel he renamed College Arms, and extended the railroad to his hotel’s doorstep for the convenience of his guests. These and other hotels helped shape the growth and history of West Volusia County.
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Ponce De Leon Hotel courtesy du-Pont Ball Library Stetson Univesity.
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